• Shawn Alfenito

WODS 3/31/2020


16 Min ALT EMOM:

8 Clusters - Bar or DB’s

10 Lunges - Bar or DB’s

10 Push UPS

8 Snatches - Bar or DB


16 Min ALT EMOM:

8 Clusters - KB

10 Lunges - KB

10 Push UPS

10 KB Deadlifts


16 Min ALT EMOM:

8 Clusters - plate

10 Lunges - Plate

10 Push UPS

10 V-ups

The theme of this week is to challenge our creativity to fight off the boredom that will creep in from doing all these home workouts. Without access to the full range of equipment and movements we are used to at the gym, we have to keep things interesting by experimenting with new ways to move.

I have attached a video demonstrating the different objects you can use for a squat clean thruster without having a barbell. You could use any other weighted object you have around the house. A cinder block, water jugs or pack of bottled water, etc.

Have fun and stay focused on moving well every day.