• Shawn Alfenito

WOD 7/2/2021

Achieve & Fit

Part A.


4:00 (8 Rounds)

Flutter Kicks

4:00 (8 Rounds)

Medball Cleans

4:00 (8 Rounds)

Russian Twists

Part B.

For Time:

2000m Row

At 400m, 25 Back Squats (45/35)

At 800m, 15 Push-Ups

At 1200m, 25 DB Power Cleans (40/25)

At 1600m, 15 Burpees

*At 3…2…1…go, start your row. At the 400m mark, stop and do the back squats with empty barbells. Repeat for each 400m distance and listed movements. Score is total time.