• Shawn Alfenito

WOD 4/17/2020

Let’s do something a little different today!

With all these home workouts piling up, I thought this might be a fun way to break things up a bit.

Part A.

5 sets of 10 Squats

8 burpees between sets

If your doing unweighted air squats, do sets of 25. Otherwise, do any variation of weighted squats you can.

Part B.

Set a timer that you can take with you for 8:00 min. Apple Watch, phone, etc.

Run as far as you can at a moderate pace until the timer goes off. Try and maintain the same pace all the way through with no stopping.

When the timer goes off, do 30 reps of any movement you choose right where you are.

Reset timer for 8:00 and try and make it back to your starting point before the timer goes off.

Then 30 reps of any other movement you choose. Rest 2 min, repeat the sequence again using 4:00 min timers and different movements.

Don’t worry about the funny looks you get from people while you start randomly doing burpees or whatever in the middle of your neighborhood, just have fun! I’d love to hear what movements you used and total estimated distances you accumulated over the entire 24 minutes!