• Shawn Alfenito

WOD 3/19/2020

Obviously, things have changed rapidly over the past 72 hours. We are evaluating several different options to allow you all to be able to stay fit, engaged, and maintain some sanity over the next few weeks. Stay tuned to our social media and the website for continuing updates. Also, please check yourb Triib profile and ensure you have an updated email address on file. We will be using email to deliver important info as well. Now...the workout.


2 min couch/wall stretch on each leg

Squat hold for :30, rest :15, repeat twice

Lunge Knee cicles; 10 each direction on each leg

Samson lunges; 10 each leg with 2-3 sec pause

14 min AMRAP:

20 mountain climbers

10 situps

20 Jumping Jack's

10 burpees

Find a manageable pace and try and stick to a concistent time for each round. Focus on breathing and keeping anpace you can move constantly without long breaks!