• Shawn Alfenito

The new NPCF Raw Strength Class

What is it?

The NPCF “Raw Strength” class was first introduced about a year an a half ago. We wanted to offer members a chance to come in and perform exercises that would gain additional raw strength in conjunction with improved performance in olympic lifts. We experimented with rotating between different programing cycles and focus areas throughout the last one year plus. We have had many members experiment with it intermittently, but ultimately a small select group have stuck with it on a consistent basis. 

Heading into the first part of 2018, we wanted to relaunch the Raw Strength class with a renewed focus on strict, 6 week program cycles that would be more transparent to anyone interested. We also wanted for those participating to stick with the complete 6 week cycle rather than popping in and out randomly. 

Who is it for?

The NPCF Raw Strength class is for anyone interested in building more strength and improving proficiency in olympic lifting techniques beyond what can be achieved in a standard one hour Crossfit class. Building strength takes a commitment to putting in time moving heavy weight with high volume. Improving olympic lifting requires lots of reps and building solid positions in each part of the lift. There is no way to short cut it or get around it. That’s what we will be doing in the Raw Strength classes. 

How much does it cost?

Each 6 week cycle will be $50 for existing members, and $120 for any non member to attend. The 6 week cycles will be rolling throughout the year with a small one or two week gap between each cycle. You can attend as many fo the 6 week cycles in a year as you would like. We will pair one strength movement with one only lift to be the focus of each 6 week cycle. 

When will classes be held?

Each one our class will be held three days a week. We will have classes on Wednesday evenings at 7:30p, Friday evenings at 6:30p, and Saturdays at 11a-12p. If you miss a class you can come in during open gym on Sundays to make it up. We will also use Sundays to make up for nights we have a Friday Open event during the weeks that the Crossfit Open is happening. 

Programing Examples

For those of you interested in what the programing will look like, here ids what you can expect. 

Programing will be a mix of classic linear strength progressions, proven squat programs such as Smolov and Hatch, as well as training methods used by Russian and Chinese Olympic lifting programs. The first cycle is going to pair Squat Strength with Clean technique. Here is an example of what a typical day might be:

Strength           Oly (Squat Cleans)

Back Squat                5x3 Clean pulls from floor @ 110% 1rm clean

1x10 @ 60%              3x3 Panda pulls @ 85% 1rm clean

1x8 @ 70%                4x3 high hang cleans @ 80% 1rm

1x6 @ 75-80%.          3x3 Full squat cleans @85% 1rm

Front Squat

1x5 @ 65%

1x5 @ 70%

1x5 @75%

When Does it Start?

The first 6 week cycle will start on Friday, Feb 16th. I was going to start it on that Wed, but that is Valentine’s Day so I figured many of you wouldn’t make it! As we are working off a 1RM numbers, you may want to establish yours if you don’t currently have one. Otherwise, you can use the strength portion of that first class to establish a number to work from for the remainder of the cycle. 

I look foward to seeing more of you participate in this new, more structured format for the Strength Class and I hope to help all of you set new PR’s in the coming weeks! Please feel free to reach out to me at salfenito@northplanocrossfit.com if you have any questions!


-Coach Shawn