• Shawn Alfenito

NPCF Reopen Guidelines

It’s here! (almost)

The day we have all been waiting for is almost here. I have been getting messages and emails from so many of you asking for the details over the past few days. I would like to thank all of you for your continued support and patience during the past two months. So, here are the things you can expect over the next few weeks or months as we slowly get back at it. Myself and the rest of the coaches are committed to doing everything we can to keep you all as safe as possible as we try and get back to the community we all miss.

First Step, equipment return

This coming Saturday and Sunday will be equipment return days. Saturday from 11a-1p, and Sunday from 12p-2p. Please make sure you can arrange to get in on one of those days and times so that we can have equipment needed to reopen on Monday. All the equipment will be sanitized before we open on Monday.

The “new normal”

For the foreseeable future, things will be a little different than we remember. Class sizes, cleaning procedures, personal accountability from each of you, and several other changes will be necessary to do everything possible to keep us all as safe as possible. So here are some key things you all need to know:

  1. Classes will be limited to 10 or less. In order to accommodate the same number of people in a day, classes will consist of a 30 min portion in the gym, followed by an outdoor portion after that. This will allow us to essentially have a class start every 30 minutes. So for example, the 4:30p evening class will start as we always have. Once as we approach 5:00p, the 4:30p class will head outside for their outdoor portion while the 5p crew comes in to start their indoor work. The smaller class sizes will allow us to get in a lot of work in 30 minutes as the class will be more nimble to organize and manage.

  2. Members will be required to use hand sanitizer and or wash hands when entering the gym. We strongly encourage you to use hand sanitizer frequently throughout the class and avoid unnecessary contact with other members. High fives will have to be in spirit only for now.

  3. Sanitizing and disinfection are going to be more important than ever, and all materials such as wipes and other sanitizing materials are predictably backordered. In the mean time, we will have sanitizing solution spray bottles and paper towels all around the gym. Members should spray down equipment before and after their workout. Coaches will also clean all surfaces between each class.

  4. Spacing. The floor will be marked so that we can maintain 6 feet of distance between members as much as possible for the majority of the workout. Members will not share equipment such as bars, DB’s, KB’s, and other items during a workout. If we need to sub movements to help facilitate this, we will do that on a case by case basis.

  5. Showers are not permitted to be used under the current guidelines for Texas. I understand this may be inconvenient for a few of you, but we MUST follow all State guidelines. We want to be able to show we are doing everything in our power to be socially responsible and to keep people safe.

  6. Anyone who feels any type of symptoms of illness must proactively stay home. I am relying on all of you to do what you can to maintain the overall health of the community as a whole, and to help make this opening a success.

  7. We will NOT be using the white board for scores. We will go back to doing the all digital score tracking using Triib. You will all enter your scores using your phone so that we can limit the spread of germs caused by the markers, whiteboard, and front desk computer. Coaches can do the same to check in members to class.

Next Steps

Beyond the guidelines I listed here, we have many other things we can and will do to help keep the gym clean and as germ free as possible. We will be doing wipe downs of all frequently contacted surfaces such as doors, counters, bathroom fixtures, and equipment. This will be done before, during, and after classes. I have ordered an electrostatic sprayer to be used to spray down the entire gym daily. This is also backordered, but I am looking for other options. I am also working with our cleaning service on what options we can come up with that can also help keep the gym more sanitary going forward. The coaches and I will do everything we can to help keep the gym as safe as possible, but obviously there is no way to eliminate all risk. You will all need to continue to be diligent with how you protect yourself by following good hygiene and taking all the other precautions that we have all learned over the past few months.


I am committed to maintaining good lines of communication and transparency with all of you regarding the status of the reopen process. I will expect the same from all of you. If you or someone you have come into contact with should become Covid positive, you need to notify me so that we can take all appropriate steps. I think we can safely and effectively run classes following the guidelines and with each of us showing some social responsibility throughout this process. We may need to adjust as we go, but we will figure it out! I look forward to seeing you all next week!