• Shawn Alfenito



It’s been a few weeks since the last blog update so I wanted to discuss a few important topics.There is a lot happening from week to week in this new crazy environment we are currently all fighting through, and I am trying to keep you all in the loop as best as I can. Obviously we are all aware that Texas is currently making National news headlines with the recent spike in cases. Many of us are starting to now know of people who have had Covid-19 or who know someone indirectly in contact with it. It’s obviously not going away as fast as we all had hoped.


So let's get this one out of the way first. Masks. Nobody likes them and nobody wants to where them. Unfortunately, it seems to be one of the few things we can do to help minimize the spread of this annoying disease so starting this week, we will require some type of face covering while inside the gym. I know this is not convenient, but just try and remember how miserable we all were when the gym was closed. Anything we can do to help prevent that from happening again, however futile it may be, we should do it. It’s also very likely to become a requirement in Plano at some point anyway, so we should just get used to it.

I can recommend the Adidas face masks shown in the picture above as it is light, good for sweat wicking, and is machine washable. I have some for sale at the gym and I am trying to get more as soon as possible. Thats just one option though, feel free to get whatever you think would work best for you. I will adjust the programming to help mitigate the effect of wearing a mask while working out, and I will make the AC run a little cooler in the gym for the near future.

I will make an official announcement about what day this will go into effect, but it will likely be Thursday or Friday of this week.


As if the Covid-19 pandemic was not enough to deal with, we also got hit with the fallout of Greg Glassman’s unfortunate comments regarding the George Floyd incident, as well as the news of the terribly misogynistic behavior at Crossfit HQ. As I have said numerous times, CF Affiliates have no direct contact or connection with HQ and our individual culture and community are not impacted or influenced by them in any way. Unfortunately, having an association with a brand that is now viewed that way can still have damaging effects. I told you all I would not stay affiliated as long as Glassman continued to be the owner and majority profiting beneficiary of the Crossfit brand.

Last week Crossfit announced that Glassman was selling Crossfit in its entirety to Eric Roza, business mogul and owner of Crossfit Sanitas in Co. Just yesterday, Nicole Carroll announced she would be returning after previously stepping down in the wake of this fallout. Nicole is the co-director of training, one of CF HQ’s oldest employees, and generally speaking one of the most loved people in CF. Having her return is a great sign for the future of Crossfit. Given all of this new information I am leaning toward continuing my affiliation going forward. I am open to hearing from any of you if you have a strong opinion either way and would like to discuss it. Feel free to email me or comment below and I can reach out to you.


Lastly, NPCF was recently hit by a string of fake negative reviews on Goggle. The names used are people that have never visited our gym, and we now know who the person behind them is. Unfortunately, it can be difficult getting Google’s cooperation in removing fake reviews. I would ask that if you have been here for a while and you love what we do at NPCF, please take a minute to go on Goggle maps on your phone and take a quick second to leave a review for us. Google suggest this is the best way to combat this problem as the fake reviews will get pushed to the bottom. Some of you have already done this so, thank you for the help!


I cannot thank all of you enough for the continued support and for sticking with us during this pandemic, the subsequent shut down, and all the other challenges we are working through. You are all amazing and NPCF would not be what it is without this amazing community of people! If any of you ever have any questions, concerns, or feedback, I am always available and willing to listen via email, text, or phone calls. Thank you, and stay safe!