• Shawn Alfenito

Coronavirus update

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Mandatory Closing

Yesterday we were faced with the news that all gyms, bars, restaurants, and fitness clubs were being forced to close down due to the continued concern over the Coronavirus outbreak. I promised to keep you updated with options for what we would be doing to help all of you stay fit and sane as we work through this difficult time. We have come up with a few things that we will start implementing this week and continue building on as long as this shutdown is necessary. We have three options of activities we want to challenge all of you to participate in while we are not hosting regular classes. So let's break it down!

Primary Option

As you may have already seen, the primary option is the Home WOD's that we have already been posting for the past two days. I will continue to try and program creative, fun, and safe ways for you to get a good workout in your yard, garage, or living room without the need for any equipment. This is the most basic thing we can all do to stay sane, fight stress, and maintain some level of fitness from the safety of home.

Second Option

We will be initiating an equipment checkout program so that you have the option to take some basic equipment home with you and be able to do slightly more varied home workouts. Obviously, we do not have enough of every piece of equipment for everyone to take the same stuff all at once. To work around this, we will create three "bundles" of specific items. These packages will correspond to the three workout variations we will post. For example: Bundle A. might be a Slam Ball, 2 Dumbbells, and an ab mat. So WOD variation "A" would be for anyone who checked out that bundle of equipment. I will post the basic home WOD and variations A, B, and C each day. Just do the version for the equipment you have. We will swap them out each week so you can rotate through all the options. We will have two times available to pick up and drop off equipment. I think this will be a great way to stay engaged and motivated going forward.

Third Option (30 day Challenge)

The "30 Day Challenge" is a great way to focus on a specific task or area as a community. We are going to focus on the Squat for this challenge. It's easy to do, has many health and fitness benefits, and it can be challenging to work on. The resting, flat-footed squat is an excellent position to develop health in the body, including: mobility in the ankles, knees, and hips. Best of all, it can be done almost anywhere. This is how it works:

Build to a total of 30 minutes a day over the next 30 days.

  • Day 1: Accumulate 10 minutes in a squat position; spread out through the day any way you want. I would start with one minute, ten times a day.

  • Day 2: add one minute for a total of 11

  • Day 3: 12 minutes total

  • Day 4: 13 minutes

  • continue adding one minute each day working to 30 minutes total starting on day 21.

Have fun with it and post photos of your squat progress, discuss challenges with getting to your daily goal, and share any benefits and or improvements you find from spending a little time in a squat each day.

I will be updating you shortly with where you can access the link to sign up for your equipment bundle and the pick up time slot you would like to choose to do so. I will also provide a Triib link for tracking the 30 day squat challenge. Hopefully this will help all of us deal with the stress of this situation and stay engaged as a community for the remainder of what we can only hope is a short lived NPCF Quarantine.